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Metatechnicity Research Convenors


GRAB46.jpgStephen Thompson 

A speculative designer and theorist. Why do we have a word for the stuff we call technology? When designers and theorists try to characterise our species, our cognition, our planet and our physics, is it more productive to understand technology and the human body as nodes in a single widely distributed and emergent bio-technic ‘soma’? Stephen Thompson. PhD. MA(RCA). BA(Hons). SFHEA. FRSA. Principal Lecturer, Academic Lead of Graduate Studies (Doctoral & Masters), Cardiff School of Art & Design : Cardiff Metropolitan University.  OpenUp Music Trustee.


GRAB46.jpgMartyn Woodward 

A media theorist in the broadest sense of the term concerned with how forms of media (whether image, text, telescope, air, fire, water, or rock) shape human and non-human lifeworlds over time. He explores the relational nature of bodies (as organisms) and their environments as can be made apparent through an archaeology of depictions and other visual and material artefacts over time. Martyn Woodward PhD. MA. BA(Hons). SFHEA. Senior Lecturer, Cardiff School of Art & Design : Cardiff Metropolitan University.



Metatechnicity Extended Research Community


GRAB46.jpgDr. Lambros Malafouris : Keble College, University of Oxford : Institute of Archaeology.


GRAB46.jpgDr. Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos:


GRAB46.jpgProf. Dr. Michael Punt : Plymouth University : Transtechnology Research


GRAB46.jpgDr. Anne Roudaut : University of Bristol : Bristol Interaction Group


GRAB46.jpgProf. Robert Pepperell : Cardiff Metropolitan University : FovoLab


GRAB46.jpgProf. Steve Gill : Cardiff Metropolitan University : UCD Research


GRAB46.jpgDr. Keireine Canavan : Cardiff Metropolitan University


GRAB46.jpgDr. Carly Stewart : Bournemouth University


GRAB46.jpgMr Barry Farrimond MBE  : CEO OpenUp Music : OpenUp Music


GRAB46.jpgMr Jason Davies : Cardiff Metropolitan University


GRAB46.jpgDr. Natasha Mayo : Cardiff Metropolitan University


GRAB46.jpgDr Jon Pigott : Cardiff Metropolitan University


GRAB46.jpgMr Adam Davies : Loughborough University