Please do contact us if you are interested in a conversation about ways in which we might collaborate with you, or if you would like to join our community as a Colleague or Doctoral or Masters student.

Join our community as a colleague or partner

We extend an open invitation to anyone, from any discipline, who wants to talk with academics and professionals around questions of the non-linear and speculative interrelationship of consciousness and technology in practices and ideas. 

Join our community as a doctoral researcher

We provide an experienced and highly supportive MRes and doctoral environment for research students who want to explore the archaeological, historical and philosophical aspects of science, technology, the arts, design and popular culture.  

We offer support and supervision for PhD, Professional Doctorate and PhD by publication.

As an MA or MRes student

Can you find new ways of understanding the histories of things and bring new ideas to how we might rethink who we are (as a species) and what we might become? Our Masters opportunities are:

MRes A&D A focused programme which is ideal for students who want to prepare their own doctoral-level research.

MA A&D (Design Futures) A speculative and open programme which is ideal for students who want to spend some time exploring ideas and developing a speculative practice.