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As a community we are interested in the variety of ways through which technology affects and is affected by human consciousness over time. Our work has been developed in relation to recent and emerging postphenomenological and new-materialist human histories, and can be seen as a form of archaeology that attempts to generate new understandings of the continuities between technology, consciousness and human history.

Our transdisciplinary engagement has implications for those who are interested in the trans-cultural, trans-historical and trans-cognitive study of material culture as a means to both better understand our past and present, and to to guide and inform the sustainable projection of our species. Our work adds to the fields of Design Theory / History; Cognitive Archaeology; Anthropology; Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) and the Cognitive Sciences (HCI).

Metatech supports a number of research methodologies that cross the arts, design, philosophy and the humanities; specific expertise is offered in; Postphenomenological and new-materialist thought; media archaeology and variantology; non-linear and deep history; cognitive archaeology and material engagement theory (MET); the philosophy of technology and actor-network theory (ANT); anthropology and sensory anthropology; ecological aesthetics, object orientated ontology (OOO) postanthropocentric thought, and critical / speculative design theory.


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